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thursday notes - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 16th, 2017

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10:05 am - thursday notes
Today's before work bit of crafting was getting the embroidery designs transfered to the purse and bow material. Tomorrow, I'll stitch the embroidery pattern and sew up the purse and bow. The fabric for these is stiff enough with the paint, I won't have to use any stabilizing paper, but I will need it on the stretchier fabric of the dress. The doll has a embroidery design on the front bodice of her dress; I'm not going to be able to do that exactly, as the dress has a cross over neckline. Could try and see how it looks doing that front embroidery as a pin on brooch (I would need to over-paint one more piece of fabric, think I have just enough in a remant)?

Received the pearl necklace I ordered, a double strand like Maimey's. The pearls are a little more cream than the white they looked online and I'd hoped for, but again close enough is good enough. And they are pretty enough I'll wear them other times as wel! Not sure if the nylons I ordered are going to fit-- realized they are UK not American sizing. I may have to DIY glitter a pair of cheap pantyhose myself, and scatter gold glitter where ever I walk, but again it will work for the look. I love fussing with all the details; it is what makes my costumes sucessful and fun.

B bought me a HUGE red velvet heart shaped box, post valentine's day candy sales. Guess who had chocolates for breakfast again?

Need to talk to B. When I told him about updating my will, he told me he doesn't have a will. He should have one; if I'm around, it would make things so much easier for  me in the case of if he is the one who dies first. Everything would be tied up in probate without a will. We probably should also talk again about needing a new fridge, maybe we could use the (after property tax payment) remainder of our tax return for some of that and I'd kick in the rest needed.

My therapist is real happy with me. Evened out on meds; being productive and social. I'm not the depressed mess I was when I first started counseling with her. Oh, I still have my issues, but doing better at coping. Note to self: this does NOT mean I slack off with the meds--I know the outcome of that, an eventual or a quick slide back downward. The meds help; I need to stay on them. May ask her if we can move out appointments to once a month instead of every two weeks.

Yay! Today is payday. Have my car insurance coming due next week, and a couple more Pay Pal payments due. No more car payments (I should be getting the title soon) and no more student loan payments; I should put what would have been for those bills right into my savings account and start saving it up. Still need to go back to the credit union and take care of investing/saving Aunt Marge's inheritance--Dad suggests some in investments and some in CD accounts. At lucnh time, I could go to the bank and should still have time to get in a mile or so walk at Delano Park. LAter: got in a 1.5 mile walk, did the first mile walking fast at at 15.20 pace. That's probably my fasted sustainable pace walking (not running, which wouldn't be much faster.)

Was going to update my pinterest jewelry board with pics of my new broches, but it's acting real wonky right now. So, Ill post them here. :)

Bought the blue and green ones at the Antiques and Collectibles show last weekend, and the red and clear scatter pin are Valentine's giffts from B. :)

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