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Sunday was a rest day, now on with the week. - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 13th, 2017

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11:26 am - Sunday was a rest day, now on with the week.
After an overly hectic Staturday, Sunday was a stay at home and be lazy day.  It was rainy as well, adding to my stay indoors lethargy. Mental preparation and pick up the mess day (not so you could really tell, but I picked up a whole big trashbag full of clutter and crap.) Talked B into binge watching three episodes of Orange is the New Black (we're only on the second season dvds).

I did go out for "one more thing" at Joann's--can you believe there was absolutely NO slate blue fabric in the whole store that would come close to a match for my Maimey Cissy project? I did find some acrylic paint that I can use to overpaint some lighter blue fabric to almost match the colour; needed this for making a purse (that mimics Maimey's); the paint will stiffen the material some, but should be okay just for the simple bag purse. Also picked up some embroidery floss and stabilizer.  Also during the day. I got the embroidery design just about worked out to size. Am making it just a bit more symetrical than the original, as it'll be easier to stitch that way enlarged.. Have everything I need for this project. (although I may well need to pick up some more emboidery floss later on, not sure how much it's going to take)  I got my dress in; it fits snugly but not too much so; it is a stretch cotton, so I will need the embroidery stabilizer. Will do the purse first, then the single flower embroidery on the dress and then the larger bouquets on the front and finally the back as time allows. Note to to self: bring in wrist tag to scan, enlarge, and print (on cardstock) at library. I have one strand of faux pearls for the purse handle, and a  doublestrand necklace on order. Tried on my black wig, it will work--perhaps will attempt to curl the tips a bit so they frame the face more. Note to self: I DO NOT need another new wig for this costume.

Also ready to start on the limbs for Ruthie. Need to prod B to help me with the armature so I can finish the torso and do the final stuffing on that., but I can work on the arms and legs in the meantime. Probably will start on the legs first, as they don't require an armature. Still need to think about armature and joints for the shoulders. And about how best to attach the head to the neck and cover it with the remaining thermasilk fabric. Note to self: before she's properly dressed, Ruthie needs a pair of granny panties and nylons from Walmart. Still waiting to get her lace collar delivered to applique to the dress' neckline.

Next weekend  I'm scheduled to work at the library, so I have Friday and Monday off (actually, Monday is President's Day and the library is closed, so I have next Monday AND Tuesday off.) I seem to get more done on my weekdays off than weekends sometime, maybe just because it seems different and I like the change up. Planning to mostly work on Ruthie, and maybe one day on other projects. (As well as getting my butt out for a hike or daily walk) Note; Gaz' vet checkup is Friday afternoon; give him a bath and ear clean on Thursday.

Now have a backpack frame for puppet building; put aside for a while til I get to that project, need to add some new belt webbing to the hipbelt (it's too short for my wide hips),; not a perfect fit fo my size, but it'll work fine for large puppet support. Also bought some sparkly pinkish tagboard- paper (it was on sale), going to make a "Rose Quartz Cat" mask from it. Figure the jaguar mask should be glossy gold or black and not sure about the kitten face yet, some sort of  calico agate look?. Gotta start with something to try out the maskmaking technique. Got reminded NO glitter, sequins or feathers in the BMan artwork--keep it clean (leave no trace); this paper looks glittery but isn't actually so.

Ok, three projects in mind and underway at once is plenty. 1)Ruthie Rumble doll.Try for a May deadline? 2)Maimey Cissy outfit. Needed March 18. 3)Cat masks/Puppets. Not needed til August.

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