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money stuff and scheduling - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 9th, 2017

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02:37 pm - money stuff and scheduling
Decided to go ahead and pay off all my debts before investing any of the inheritance from my Aunt Marge's estate. So, besides my student loan, I've also paid off my car, my credit card, and am going to pay off my "final expenses" . (That's the $750 Donation fee to the UAB Anatomical Donor Program, as I'm bequeathing my body to the med school and to science.)  Feels good to own the car outright and to be absolutely debt free.  Still have a large sum to invest as well!

Darn trying to arrange and coordinate social and work schedules!
:( I'm scheduled to work Feb. 18-19 and so will miss the Dixie Danger Dolls business meeting and the Twickingham Doll Club meeting that weekend.
+ Feb 26th is the Doll's pinup clothing sale (with part of the profits going tobe donated to Make-A-Wish!); can do that.
:(Am then next scheduled to work the weekend of March 11-12, which means missing out on the Doll's float in the local  St. Patrick's Day Parade. (which I bought a dress and wig for!) Guess I won't be neeeding to make any ribbon shamrocks  after all. Emailed the wig seller, asking if there was anyway the wig could be delivered before Feb 25, because I could wear it then to either hte Decatur or Huntsville Mardi Gras parades. However, I doubt it'll be ready that soon.
+However, March 18-19 is the Comic and Pop Culture Expo; I could wear my Maimey look-a-like costume one day and the wild wig the other. Lol--just realized the green (St. Pat's) and blue (Maimey) dresses I've ordered are very similar in cut and style. Maybe I'll sell the green one at the pin up sale (Maybe someone else would want it for the St. Pat's parade).Think that may also be the Doll Club meeting for March that Sunday; they might get a kick out of seeing the Maimey outfit!

And what else do I have going on? Hannah, Ken and the boys will be in town for the Delano Park Run March 3-4-5; then the next week, I'm working half days on M-W-Th to have time to spend with Lisa Dodd when she's in town. Then my neice Katie is visiting Hannah March 25-April 1; I'll go down one day and take them all out to lunch. April 22nd is the March For Science in Huntsville. Consideirng a 24 hour ultra on the weekend of April 29.

Whodathunk I'd have such a busy life!

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