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Tattoo #67: Nevertheless - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 9th, 2017

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09:50 am - Tattoo #67: Nevertheless


Tattoo # 67. Text tattoo of: "Nevertheless, She Persisted". Bradley Hand ITC 32 pt. font. Wrapping around my right wrist. It's a good life message overall for me (there are lots of things I need to hold fast to and persist at doing.), and a fist held high rallying cry. It's a political tattoo.  I kind of think of it as a text version of the woman power symbol:

This was a wild hair tattoo. Just went out after work to get it done as a walk-in. Needed the immediancy, figuring timing was part of the tattoo, as the event that inspired it was in the news just that day. Done by Tommy at Dream-Worx tattoo down on Bradley St. I pass by there all the time on trips to the Decatur thrift stores and, noticing the pretty red facade and door, thought I'd stop in a new place and check them out. Decent unpretensious little shop. Also figure, most any competent tattooer can do a simple text tattoo, will probably stick to my favorite Blue Rose artists for my bigger artsy works.

It is a current events/political tattoo, gotten after Mitch McConnell silenced Elizabeth Warren in the Senate cofirmation hearings as she attempted to quote a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King against Sen. Jeff Sessions as holding racist views (when he was up for a federal judgeship).  Warren was silenced and Sessions was appointed Attorney General in Trump's cabinet. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/02/08/nevertheless-she-persisted-becomes-new-battle-cry-after-mcconnell-silences-elizabeth-warren/?utm_term=.c644bfbc06f1

Btw, two younger ladies working in the tattoo shop (receptionist and piercer) told me "We want to be like you when we grow up." Unfortunately, they weren't talking about taking a political stance, but about my bright dyed hair and many many tattoos; still, I'll take it as a personal compliment. Which is better than the patron the other day who asked if I got my tattoos "when I was young and dumb."

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