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Yet Another Costume Project: Maimey Cissy - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 8th, 2017

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02:33 pm - Yet Another Costume Project: Maimey Cissy


I received my Maimey Cissy doll last night, and I love her! I could really get caught up in doll collecting if I had more money and space to show them off, but I think I've reached my limit on both fronts. I'm glad I got one good collector's doll here (looking online at the same doll offered, I got a real good price even though to me it was paying dear). The other Cissy I got was deeply discounted, no outfit (think it may have originally been a Cissy Calla Lilly, the pretty hair do and makeup match) and her stringing is really loose and needs to be redone, but this one is mint. And she has such pretty violet eyes.

Then got the idea that I could make a matching outfit and take her with me to the Comic/PopCulture Expo in March. Last year, I made and wore my Audrey Two Little Shop of Horror's outfit.

I found a similar color and style dress to embellish with the floral designs. The dress is no
t an exact match but close as I could come, I don't have time to sew one myself, and it was cheap enough. Also ordered some cheap faux pearl jewlery, a pink petticoat, sheer gloves, glittered nylons. and violet eye contacts (90$ all together, not bad.) I already have an oatmeal colored cardigan, and a black wig in basically the same bobbed style. Will probably just wear my white flats so I can actually walk, as I just can't do peeptoe heels like Maimey has on!

The craft part of the project is doing the beaded floral appliques on the dress and making the hairbow, purse and replica wrist tag. Would like to take my time and do the appliques as best I can, but I really don't have much time (Expo is March 18) A quick and dirty alternative is to use dimensional fabric paints and or glue on beads. Will have to look closely at the designs (and how many of them there are scattered on the dress) and see what's possible. Wonder if pearl cotton would be thick enough chain stitched to make the design? Wonder if Joann's carries the colours I'd need, cream and olive green?

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