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Monday - e_phemera & e_motion

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February 6th, 2017

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03:36 pm - Monday
Didn't get anything else accomlished yesterday, a bad headache rolled in and I retreated to bed for basically the rest of the day.

I am feeling better today. Even got in a 3.12 mile walk over my lunch hour (even made it between the raindrops of today's showers).

Created my basic fundraising page for the Trailblazer Challenge. 2 donations (besides my registration fee/donation) so far from my friends Tina and Graham! (Graham made a nice donation of 50.00) I also shared with the Dixie Danger Dolls and hope to pick up some more small donations there.   Wonder if I could ask to put out a donation jar at the Doll's events? Later; Yay! Doll's leadership said yes; now I need to make up an eye-catching jar between now and Saturday!  Sent out a group email to family asking for their donations. Going to keep bumping my facebook post every day or so, so it pops up again on my feed. Going to send around an email to library staff and friends of the library. May make an offer to bake a dozen gourmet cupcakes for a donation of 20.00 or more. For myself, for every day I can manage to go without buying snacks at work--I'll put 1.00 toward a donation, add it up at end of month and self contribute.

Thinking about the armature for doll project. B and I may go to Home Depot tonight to look for suppplies. Can't really do the torso without the armature ready to go inside it first. I'm thinking my trial torso is just a tad too large; again,having a more solid core will help control the stretch of the nylon fabric.  Later: did pick up some PVC fittings at Home Depot ( B already had the pipe at home) and he put together an idea of an armature; it will need to be tweaked a bit to fit well inside the torso form, but should work out just fine.  I also made another test torso, out of cotton cloth(a thrift store duvet cover, nice fleshy tan color, king size so LOTS of fabric; will be the fabric for the arms and legs as well);. Yes, that is much sturdier than the stretch.

I also got the dress, which is quite nice. I love the print and the fabric has a nice silky drape to it. It also looked better on the second torso than the larger first one. Ruthie is a little old lady for the late 20's; women on the average were somewhat smaller then. The hat matches the dress color and so goes well. I do think I will end up adding a lace collar to the dress at the neckline (didn't like the scarf around the throat); wonder how long it will take for the ones I ordered to show up? I think that will be a nice accent.

I have the third (and hopefully final) alterations to the pattern done,  the torso pieces cut out and ready to sew. Need to go by Joann's and pick up some thread that's a closer match to the fabice then the dark brown I was using on the first couple mock ups. Maybe I can go do that before work at 11 tomorrow and then be ready to go on it.

I'm thinking (and again hoping) that the arms and legs might go much quicker than the head and torso have. I don't think I will need to do any adaptions to the life size patterns I already have; I can use them as is. I've used the arm pattern on Suzi-Rose already. And have made a mock up for a leg that looks like it will work for size and shape. However, i will take my time and try to do a real good job with the hand armature and make the hands as nice looking as possible.

I guess I really am making progress on this project!

Have another busy Saturday coming up on the 11th. There is the first Trailblazer Challenge hike in the morning (just a short one this first week); the hikes are up at Monte Sano or the Land Trust. Which is cool with me. Then there is the Antiques and Collectibles show at the Jaycee's Hall to goto in the afternoon. One of the Doll club members Shirley will have a booth there; I'll have to stop by and say hello and tell her I can't make the next Twickingham Doll Club meeting due to work but WILL be back the following month. In the evening, there is the Dixie Danger Doll's Valentines event; I'm going early at 6 to help with set up and probably won't stay out too late.

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