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February 15th, 2017

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12:44 pm - stuff
Got the purse and bow fabric for the Maimey doll costume painted a second coat this morning; close enough is good enough to a match. Good panels go on the outside, and the streaky ones on the inside of the purse. Next is doing the embroidery on the front purse panel and bow center; plan to get the purse and bow done on Friday

Also tried enlarging and printing off a wrist tag for the Maimey doll costume. Color copier wasn't picking up the light pink background color, so I had to color it in with colored pencil. May see if  somewhere (Hobby Lobby's scrapbooking section?) has light pink cardstock and reprint it on that. Note to self: lunchtime errand run to HL, pick up card stock and embroidery transfer paper. Later: tag looks much better printed on pink cardstock! Got one that's a keeper; so, that is done. Remember to stitch tag string to wrist of glove so I won't lose it--do the same on doll, and stitch her purse to the opposite wrist.

I should still have plenty of time to do the dress embroidery in small bits and pieces and get the costume done in plenty of time for the March 18-19 Expo, along with continuing to work on Ruthie. Intend to get Ruthie's legs and arms at least cut out over the weekend and my days off M-T next week.

Working the weekend, Sat-Sun with hike on Sunday morning at 9 am-12. There's some other hikers planning to show up; having company will be good and accountability even better. Maybe do about 5 miles,  Mt. MIst/O'Shaunessey loop? Have to see what the others think.

Added yet another thing to do this summer, babysitting for my grandsons when Hannah and Ken go on their annual adult friends camping trip. I really do think I am going to have to dip nto "next year's" accumulating vacation hours to get 2 weeks off for Burning Man in August. Let's see---2 days off in March for delano weekend and friend visiting, 4 days in April to visit Dad, 2 for the camping trip in June. and 10 for BMan in Aug/Sept. I really need to get a planner/calendar to keep track of all this stuff.

Need to stort out the clothes I want to try to sell a the Doll's Clothing Sale, which is coming up on the 25th. WIll also put out my ribbon corsages for sale. All proceeds can go to Make-A-Wish. Need to also talk to Tina about us doing a yard sale in March or early April; split proceeds between Make-A-Wish and political action donations. Also thinking about designing a fun t-shirt and trying to sell for MAW; another local (or is she Bham? hiker) is also doing a tshirt but our designs will be different. Am thinking something whimiscal like a fairy with a wish granting wand wearing hiking boots. Slogan saying "HIking To Grant Wishes."

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