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February 14th, 2017

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12:59 pm - Little more progress
I received the lace collar I had ordered and hand stitched it onto the neckline of Ruthie's dress, to give it yet another little old lady accent. Took photos of the torso form and of Ruthie posed in her dress (head loosely balanced, still not attached, on neck) to send to Andy. He likes the work so far! It's good to feel confident that I can make the buyer happy with my artwork, and good support means it's so much easier to keep working through the rough or tough spots to complete the project. I also got a couple pairs of vintage white gloves, I hope one of them fits Ruthie's hands (they don't really fit mine--wow vintage stuff can be so much smaller). One of the pairs is almost large enough for me, so I do think those will fit the doll's hands and fingers. (Had to buy myself a larger fitting not so vintage pair of gloves for my Maimey Cissy outfit.) I should quit procratinating about fiddling with the hand armature, which I know I can do, and start working on the arms/hands; Ruthie looks a little odd in her dress without arms filling out the shoulders and sleeves.

This morning, I also cut out the fabric I need to make the purse and hairbow on the Maimey CIssy project. I gave them one coat of a wash/tint with the acrylic paint. However, I think  I may have to go back and do a second coat, as the paint dries lighter than it looks when damp. Still, you can tell, it's at least one shade darker and more slate than baby blue. So, worth the effort.  At least, I have figured out how to paint it without leaving too many streaks or darker spots on the fabric. One purse panel was a bit of a learning curve and is a bit streaky, but I can use it on the inside of the purse where it won't show.

I've got a good loving husband. He bought me potted purple tulips which are just opening and look so pretty, a small box of chocolates (already eaten),  a larger red brooch with rhinestones and teardop shaped cabochons and a smaller clear rhinestone scatter pin for Valentine's Day. (I'll take a pic of the jewelry later; didn't have time to do so before work.) Need to read about planting the tulips outside; think they are perennnials and come up every year-- research says to replant the bulbs in the fall as a returning annual, not perennial on their own. Lol ,he had the gifts put out on my work table and I first walked right by them without seeing them there; B had to steer me in the right direction. No fancy heart shaped candy boxes this year, but then I didn't really see anything new or different from last year's offerings in the stores.  I gave B  Girl Scout cookies. Didn't wear my fancy shrug to work afterall, just a red shirt and matching cardigan--with B's gift brooches and a small red rhinestone kissy-lips shaped pin on one lapel area. Shrug would have been too fancy for work and not shown off the brooches to their best advantage.

Note to self: walk to Walgreen's at break time to buy eye contacts solution and a contacts case. I've got costume lenses so I'll have violet eyes like the Maimey doll does. Lol, I've NEVER tried contact lenses; hope they don't give me too much of a hassle to put in or irritate my eyes too badly. Note to self: try the contacts out and wear them for a while BEFORE the day of the Expo! Should go ahead and buy tickets for the event, since I can do so online. B will probably go to this event with me, at least for a while one day.  I'm such a dork getting a kick out of planning on dressing up like my favorite doll. Later: Lol...I did get the walk in, but picked up the wrong type of contact storing/cleaning solution; will have to go back and get the correct stuff for soft lenses.

Speaking of things I get a kick out of, it amuses me greatly to think of some future medical student exclaiming "Look at the tatted up old lady cadaver I got!"  I've probably mentioned that, after my death, I'm donating my body to the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Anatomical Donor Program. I went ahead and paid off my final, and I do mean final, debt; paying the donation, transport and cremation fee. I don't mind the fee, just consider it another donation to the University's program, and it's certainly still quite a bit less than the cost of a standard funeral. But I'm not bequeathing my body to save the money, but because I believe it will do some further good, and makes more sense to me than a useless cemetery burial or even standard cremation. Now, I have used some of my inheritance monies to pay off ALL my outstanding debts; now to decide how to save or invest the remainder. Note to self: put a copy of bequest/Donation forms and information along with a copy of a (simple) will in my file box for future reference; maybe also mark the box as Important Legal Documents.

Later: did write up and have witnessed a codicil to my will, stipulating that if B is still alive when I die, he gets my possessions and Hannah gets any monies; if he dies first, Hannah gets possessions and monies. I also put in about my Anatomical Donor bequest and asking that my returned ashes either be give to my twin sister to be mixed with hers at her death or scattered in the same location as hers if she died first. Twins, we were born together, I want us to end up together as well. I didnot put in any reference to having my tattoos perserved for Hannah, as we've joked about.

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Date:February 16th, 2017 06:39 am (UTC)
Yes, plant the tulip bulbs in the fall, about 5-6 inches deep, pointed end up. After they fade and die back this summer, you can remove the dead leaves and stems and leave them in whatever they are in now in a dark dry place til you plant them. They will come up every spring and will make little bulblettes also and that's how they multiply. Every 4 years or so I like to dig mine up and split the bulbs apart as by then there should be about 10 for every one you plant originally. Good luck, they are easy to grow.

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